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Tim Hartman comedy story storyteller children
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A Man of Many Faces

Tim Hartman, is a native Pittsburgher, and has been professionally acting, singing, writing, cartooning and storytelling since 1982. Though known primarily for his work on the stage, including nearly 300 hundred plays and musicals, and  appearances on Broadway in "A Tale of Two Cities" and the Tony nominated "Finian's Rainbow", Tim’s favorite job is performing his own brand of stand-up comedy storytelling. It is estimated he has performed for over 2 million children over a thirty year period. Favorite roles include C.S. Lewis in the Pittsburgh premier of ‘Shadowlands’, Don Quixote in ‘The Man of La Mancha’ and Daddy Warbucks in ‘Annie’, and his 22nd year in “A Musical Christmas Carol”.  Film roles include ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘The Mothman Prophecies’, ‘The Piano Lesson’, and  ‘The Fault in our Stars’.  Tim is also an award winning political cartoonist and illustrator.
Tim Hartman Funny Faces Performer Storyteller
About Tim

ASSEMBlY Programs

foltrails Tim Hartman illustration story
Bullying has become a hot topic for schools all across the country. Storytelling is the universal language that can address this problem.  Follow Tim’s folk trail around the globe to visit a bullied South American crab, an Egyptian monk who can’t seem to get rid of a basket of grapes, and a Japanese lord who will do whatever it takes to save his people. This show encourages children to see how much better the world would be if generosity, kindness and self-sacrifice were the first reaction to every situation. Designed for grades K-12. Accommodates 300.

"How can I ever thank you. Think of your influence on all of those kids!  The gifts you shared were so welcomed, and supported a level of confidence that will serve those students well for so many years." -Marina Stockdale, South Side School teacher

contruct-a-tale Tim Hartman illustration story
Do you want your children to be excited about creative writing?  This program has a twenty-five year record of success! Thousands of children have laughed their way to better writing skills through this great program. Using the traditional French Fairy Tale, ‘How Johnny Pancake Almost Married the Princess of France’, Tim takes his audience through the steps of good story building.  It’s a fun and inspiring way to help kids get excited about writingDesigned for grades K-6. Accommodates 300.

"When Tim came to our elementary school in Fairfax County Virginia he kept everyone laughing while teaching how to write a better story. The kids kept on asking when he could come back!"

-Patricia McCaleb, teacher

tales tell why Tim Hartman illustration story
Is the sky blue? Why do birds fly south for the winter? Throughout time, people have invented stories and myths to make sense of the world around them. With great humor, Tim explains the scientific method and puts it to the test with a scientific explanation of why we have seasons. Designed for grades K-6. Accommodates 300.

"It's always refreshing to see someone hold a group of children captive with only his voice, imagination, and a few good stories.  You have an amazing talent and you are doing more good than you know" -Debbie Nugara, first grade teacher

goaltending Tim Hartman illustration story
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a question that all children are asked.  Kids can answer the ‘What’ part of that question, but the important thing is knowing the ‘How’. Goaltending is an assembly program that gives children the basics of ‘How’ to achieve their goals.  Tim performs the hilarious and touching story of Harvey Merritt, a little boy who just wants to be noticed, and the steps he takes to achieve that goal. Designed for grades K-12. Accommodates 300.

“Thanks so much for visiting St. Gregory School and inspiring our children to set goals and work to achieve those goals. You were an inspiration!” -Debra Nock Allen, PTA parent

joe majarac Tim Hartman illustration story
When steel ruled the "rust belt" of America, and clouds of smoke lay thick over its valleys and towns, a giant’s footsteps could be heard echoing through the dusty streets.  Listen as Tim brings to life the powerful legend of Joe Majarac with the standards of heroism, self-sacrifice and loyalty that Joe personified.  This is a wonderful history-based program for your children. Designed for grades K-6. Accommodates 300.

"Our students and teachers are still talking about the wonderful programs you did with us here in Rochester.  It was so wonderful to see students and teachers laughing together.  You truly have been blessed with the gift of bringing smiles and laughter to people." -Mrs. Del Oxley, teacher

Tim Hartman comedy story storyteller children
Tim Hartman comedy story storyteller children
Tim Hartman comedy story storyteller children

Book Tim Hartman

Tim Hartman storyteller assembly illustration story
Tim Hartman performs for children and adults of all walks of life. Frequently he books elementary school assembly programs, but he has performed at camps, libraries, museums, and retirement homes. Though his primary work comes from performing in front of large groups in auditoriums, gyms, and church sanctuaries, he also provides smaller workshops for students and professional development.

Because Tim services so many different types of organizations with different needs and groups of different sizes, his rates can vary widely to meet the circumstance. If you'd like to book Tim, he is available directly via phone and email. He would love to know your needs so he can provide the perfect program for you at a reasonable price.

“Tim was wonderful! An entertainer, an artist, a motivator!”

-Cheryl Wiegle, teacher at Chestnut Hill School

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