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  • Tim Hartman

Fort Ligonier Storytellers

I'm often asked to talk to groups about storytelling. Today I was at Fort Ligonier, Pa. Not only do I love the town of Ligonier, because I've spent so much time telling stories there and it's a beautiful place to visit, but I also think the Fort and it's museum are outstanding. I met with the docents who give tours and tell the stories of the history of the Fort. It was a great time to remember how to reinforce the qualities of good storytelling:

1. Have empathy. Help the listeners relate to the lives of the people you are describing.

2. Keep it simple. You can over describe things that will bog your story down.

3. Know your story well. Practice creates confidence, which leads to better comprehension.

4. Sensory detail. What did the people who lived in that Fort feel, smell, see, hear, taste, and experience?

5. Lose your inhibitions. Confidence is a big key to good storytelling.

6. Enthusiasm. If you love it, they probably will as well.

7. Edit. Brevity is the soul of wit.

I love doing these workshops because people get so excited to try things. Let me know if your school, church, organization or business could use some storytelling training.

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