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Self promotion is the worst

Every time I have to do a blog or promote myself someway, I become very uncomfortable. I really wish I didn't have to do it. I grew up believing, if I did good work, I wouldn't have to tell people about it. I wouldn't have to talk about myself. (And to be honest, I've done pretty well, so far, never having to spend too much time doing that, but the world has changed.) The truth, of course, is that if you want to do what you think you were born to do, you have to make sure people know about it. It just makes me feel......icky. So, let me rely on others to tell you what one of my assembly programs will do for your children. The quotes below were written by teachers at a school in which I recently performed.

" Superb!"

" The students really loved it! I thought it was great, Loved the student interaction!"

"My class thought he was hilarious!"

" The students really enjoyed it! They were so engaged and attentive!"

"Great presentation! The students need captivating assemblies like that!"

That pretty much says it all. Why spend a great deal of money on something that you aren't even sure will have any effect on your children? Traveling groups will come into your school with massive sets, multiple actors with expensive costumes and technical displays, and might not even engage the imaginations of your students. I can, for the fraction of the cost, capture your children's attention in a program that will make them laugh, challenge them to be better students and citizens, and instruct far better than a much more expensive production. Darn it!! I'm good at my job!!

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