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Twenty years and counting....

For the last 20 or so years, Elizabeth Forward Middle School has been sending its 6th graders to 'A Musical Christmas Carol'. (A show I have been acting in for 25 years.) Later in the year I go to their school and speak to those same 6th graders about achieving their goals. This has become a 'thing' that happens now-a-days in many schools, and I welcome it with open arms! They see a man who had absolutely no idea how to become a full-time actor in Pittsburgh, (To say that out loud seems almost ridiculous!) and get to talk to him about how he achieved that goal. It's ,honestly, a simple formula. I chose what wanted to do, I found people who were willing to help me, and I didn't give up. We live at a time that seems to enjoy setting people up for failure, but I really enjoy being the voice that screams, "You control your destiny! Find something you love and grab hold of it, and never let go!" Maybe there is someone in your life who could use that same encouragement. It's really worth it to be that rallying voice! My parents did that for me, and I thank them every day. So, get out there and let a child know you believe they can do something they love! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

(This picture is ridiculous! I tried to take a selfie with them, but did not know, as I told them I was going to take the picture, they were charging the stage. Didn't have my glasses on. I still kind of like it.)

( I actually got a picture taken before they charged the stage. This one's a little better.)

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