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  • Tim Hartman

Audiences of many kinds..

Just this last week, alone, I have performed for a group of pre-schoolers, a group of senior citizens who donate their time as tutors, three whole school performances, and a church group of volunteers. The little ones learned about kindness. The tutor volunteers heard me tell stories about unintended consequences, and how pure intentions can change the lives of others. The church group celebrated how we make a difference in this world when we reflect only love in all situations. The whole school assemblies taught the steps of achieving goals, and what makes a bully, and how we can protect others from those bullies. In every performance, laughter was the main ingredient, but we also cried a little and were surprised by the turns life can take when generosity sits high on our list of objectives. I can't tell you enough how truly honored I am to be able to perform for such diverse audiences, and to address such diverse topics, and to experience the joy of making people smile through it all.

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