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  • Tim Hartman

Discounted Assemblies for the fall!! (or start your school year off with a bang.)

The beginning of the school year is a perfect time for an assembly program that will start your children out on the right foot. The calls start coming in earlier every year! I am very grateful for that. However, folks seem more interested in booking me for the winter and spring months, and that means my calendar gets really full for February through May, and the opportunity to inspire school children to start their year off in a positive way gets lost. So, I have decided to offer a discounted price for Assembly programs for the fall. Usually, my charge is $450.00 for the first assembly program, and $250.00 for a second show at the same school. For September, October and November 2017, I am discounting the first assembly to $300.00, with a second performance rate of $200.00. That's a $200.00 discount for a two performance day!

Why start the new school year with an assembly? Because, the beginning of the school year is a perfect time to reinforce good habits. My show "Folktrails" is great for reminding kids how to treat their fellow students if you have a bullying problem at your school. I perform 3 stories from around the world that identify what bullying is, teaches them how the simple act of kindness is contagious, and how to brave when standing up against bullying. "Goaltending" is an assembly that gives your children a blueprint for success. It teaches the steps that lead them to achieving their goals in life. Not just the 'What I want to be when I grow up' goals, but the 'I want to get better grades in math' kinds of goals.

Send me an e-mail or give me a call if you have any questions. Looking forward to hear from you!

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