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  • Tim Hartman

Annie...or why would anyone willingly shave their noggin?

I know. Why can't I just stick to one job? The reason is pretty simple really. Theater is just another way to tell a story. The musical "Annie" is one of those really great stories. Family friendly? YES! Does the character I play take a journey that can teach folks a good lesson? YES! Is the music great? Oh, YES!!!! The only down side is the shaved head. I don't like to shave on a normal day, but to shave your entire head is kind of a huge pain. I can't see back there, and my melon is huge! Not to mention the stares that come my way when people see a 6'6", bald giant coming their way in the grocery store. But the show is absolutely worth it.

So, if you get the chance, come on out to the Strand Theater September 28, 29, 30 or October 1, and I promise you a lovely, fun, funny and touching story!

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