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  • Tim Hartman

Christmas is coming!

I hate to remind you all, but, yes, Christmas will be here faster than you can even comprehend. If there are any of you who have a person in your life that loves the town of Gettysburg, or has an interest in the Battle and the Civil War in general, may I be so bold to suggest a copy of the new book, 'Discovering Gettysburg' written by my friend W. Stephen Coleman, and illustrated by me.

It's a journeymen's guide to the town, and the Battle. The book includes 200 illustrations and maps that I laid down with my big paws. We are getting great reviews from literary types and lay folk as well, and it would be a great gift for anyone trying to make sense of what happened in Gettysburg 154 years ago.

Besides the book, I have also assembled all the historic portraits I did on to one poster. There are 143 faces. These are the people who fought there, died there or were instrumental in what occurred there. I find the faces fascinating. I hope you will as well. It's printed on quality paper, signed by the artist, and is definitely 'frame worthy'.

If you would like either the book or poster, they are both available on Amazon, and you can also find the poster on E-bay. Just click on the link at the bottom of my home page at

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