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A few images from 2017 and a Sale!!!!!

Here are a few images from 2017. I want to thank all the schools, civic organizations, businesses, festivals and churches that invited me to perform this year. It was truly an encouragement, and a privilege to perform for you all!

Bookings happen in very predictable ways. I can count on being very busy during February, March, and May, but April is always a tough month. The combination of school testing and Spring Break make it a little lean. So, I'm offering a discount for the month of April. Usually a performance would cost $400.00 for the first performance and $250.00 for each subsequent performance at the same location. The discount for this April will be, $300.00 for the first performance and $200.00 for the second performance at the same location. That's a pretty decent savings! A hilarious assembly is a great way to say, 'Good Job, Kids!!!' for all the hard work they do during testing season.

Thanks again! I hope to hear from you!

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