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Sometimes people write me letters

I really don't like talking about myself. Unfortunately, it's a part of the job. I have to let you know what I'm doing. (If I don't, people might think I've quit doing what I do...or worse, that I'm dead......I'm not dead...just so ya know.)

So, people send me letters. I'm grateful. It's nice to hear that people like what you do. Sometimes it's just a note like this one from a Bethel Park Elementary School:

"Thank you very much for a fun, exciting, informational and important assembly at George Washington. The students enjoyed it....My son was one of the ones that got to participate, and he couldn't stop talking about it. The staff really enjoyed it and were very pleased. Thank you very much!"

Thank YOU, George Washington Elementary! I loved performing for you!

Sometimes people write me letters that make me feel very humble. I was talking with some very nice ladies in the lobby of the Byham Theater after a performance of Christmas Carol last month. They let me know they had all been teachers at a school where I used to do assembly programs. (I love when my different careers and lives collide.) A few days ago I received this letter:

"My friends and I attended the show in December. We thoroughly enjoyed it.....and even more when we had the time to meet you for a few minutes in the lobby. We were so glad we could thank you for the wonderful shows you did at our school...You gave the gift of laughter and an experience with performance which many of our students never experienced. It appears you have devoted a great part of your life to entertaining and teaching children through your shows. I am certain you cannot know how many lives you've touched......In our world, which seems so cruel and scary you are a glorious ray of sunshine and hope.....God Bless you!"

If I could be remembered for anything, it would be for what Jane Sandusky said above. I will try very hard to live up to those words. If you know anyone who wants their children to have the above experience, share this post and my website. Cheers!

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