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  • Tim Hartman

A great Assembly Program is within your reach!

The hardest part of my job is letting people know I exist. I tend to think, if you do good work, people will notice, and you'll end up performing consistently. The truth is, sometimes you have to believe enough in what you have to offer, to speak up about it.......I find that a really hard thing to do.

So, sometimes I let others speak for me:

"After teaching for 14 years, and hundreds of school programs, you are truly the best I have ever seen. Our students and staff loved every second of your visit. I was so happy to see how engaged and entertained my whole class was, including several of our autistic students. To see them laugh to the point of tears and grabbing their stomachs from laughing so hard, and then being fully engaged and attentive during the educational, character building parts of your performance was just amazing for me to see. I wish every child could experience your performance." ~ Crystal Valancius, teacher at Muse Elementary School

Sometimes I throw out a few pictures:

I'm the biggest dancing girl in the middle.

Sometimes I put my info on other websites:

It's called cross-pollination. Tossing your info all over the internet, hoping you'll be noticed and people will like what you have to offer. To be honest, all I care about is helping your children learn. Don't get me wrong! I also want them to laugh....a lot! But I want them to learn things like kindness, honor, respect. I also want them to know that with a little imagination, and hard work they can have better lives....and I'm good at what I do. It helps that I'm affordable as well.

This is the perfect time to start booking my shows for the fall. So, check out my website, and send me an e-mail, and I'll show you what a good assembly show can do.

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